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Four Parts of Retirement: Phase One

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

In the next four articles, I would like to discuss a goal that’s on many workers’ radar: Retirement. To some, retirement is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or the reward after a long career. It’s a time to relax, take up a hobby and enjoy life. Whether retirement is just around the next corner or if you have another 30 years to go, it’s never too soon or too late to start planning or revise that plan.

Some experts suggest that there are four phases of retirement: protection, accumulation, income de-accumulation and care. In this article, I will tackle protection.

Protection is the base element of any well-founded financial plan; the base of the pyramid, for example. Without basic protection against premature death or the inability to earn income due to disability, the remainder of the pyramid collapses. If you own mutual funds and die without life insurance, those funds will be needed to pay final expenses (collapsing), perhaps at the most inopportune time (after a market correction). If you own mutual funds and lose your ability to earn income due to disability and are without paycheck protection, those funds will be needed in order to pay living expenses (collapsing), perhaps at the most inopportune time (is there ever an opportune time?).

So, basic protection is a must. The good thing is that this protection is offered by the Knights of Columbus. Our whole life products and disability income insurance are designed with this goal in mind. For example, our Life Paid Up at 65 plan is perfect for this purpose because premium payments end right when retirement is upon you. There are many other options that I can discuss with you that will fit your needs and your budget.

A newer addition to our product portfolio, disability income insurance, protects your most valuable asset; your ability to work and earn money. Plans can be customized and are available to cover many professions, from farmers to lawyers.

Once you’ve established the proper protection, the next phase is accumulation of cash, which I will discuss in a future article.

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Bill Matthews
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November News

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012


Once again we have clearly demonstrated what a truly great Council we have.  And this is only possible due to the hard work and unselfish efforts of you, our Council members.  When the Maggie Valley Council asked for our help in conducting a 1st Degree ceremony, we did not hesitate.  Special thanks to Stan, Dennis, Jim, and Chris for volunteering their time and talent to make this happen.  And the results of our Wounded Warrior Program exceeded all expectations.  At last count, we had collected over $5,600 for this project.  Fantastic job and thanks to all those Council members who aided in collecting the donations.  Special thanks to Chuck Simmons for his efforts in coordinating this project.  And the Social at Sid’s proved to be a wonderful event.  Great food and great fellowship.  Special thanks to Jim McGovern for his efforts in putting this together.  I just can’t say enough how much I appreciate the support and help of our Council members.  Again, we should all be very proud of our Council.

Vivat Jesus,
Lonnie Pizza, WGK



Council 15085 Knight of the Month for October:

Chris Amsler

Council 15085 Family of the Month for October:

John and Margaret LaFata

At the November Council meeting Grand Knight Lonnie Pizza presented a Certificate of Recognition to each of four Brother Knights for their leadership in furthering the activities of our Council in the month of October. Those recognized for their outstanding efforts are:
We Appreciate the Efforts of these Knights

Sam Mattoni for coordinating the Council’s Our Lady of Guadalupe Services/Events.

Greg Brom for his efforts as Assistant Coordinator for the two LAMB Drives.

Dennis O’Connnell for his efforts coordinating the Council’s yard sale.

Mark Zaffrann for his efforts in the development and implementation of the Council’s web site.


While recognizing these special efforts Lonnie also thanked all of the other Brother Knights who participated in these events.




Prayer for the SickPlease remember in your prayers our sick and ailing Brothers












Hurricane Sandy Relief

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Hurricane SandyIn response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus, in conjunction with local and state councils across the Northeast, is joining relief efforts.

The Supreme Council announced this morning that it is making an immediate $100,000 donation, (more…)