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February News

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Thanks to the efforts of our members, our Council continues to have a great start to the new year.  And again, our Council’s success is possible only through the unselfish and dedicated efforts of our Council members.  A big “thank you” to all those who supported our spaghetti luncheon.  An extremely successful event and one enjoyed by the parishioners. We extend a special “thank you” to Mark “Chef” DeMarco for volunteering his time and talent in preparing the meal.  The “Fat Tuesday” social proved a wonderful evening of fun and fellowship.  Special thanks to Mark Zaffrann for volunteering his time and talent to put this together and provide us a truly enjoyable event.

Congratulations to our Council members of the year:  Chris Amsler (Knight of the Year), Dennis O’Connell (Golden Knight of the Year), Sam Edwards (Rookie of the Year), and John and Margaret LaFata (Family of the Year).  Well Done and Well Deserved!!!

Knights of the Year

(L-R) “Rookie of the Year” Brother Knight Sam Edwards; “Knight of the Year,” SK Nelson “Chris” Amsler; “Golden Knight of the Year, SK Dennis O’Connell (PGK)

In support of the “Year of Faith”, our Lecturer will be providing information in our newsletter and at our monthly Business Meetings to aid us during this time of “renewal of the Church”.  For Knights, learning more about our faith allows us to better witness to Christ in our lives, our families, our charitable work and in all the efforts we undertake within our Council.

Finally, I would like to ask your help with our enrollment efforts.  In support of this we will have a Fraternal Benefits presentation followed by an informational session about the Knights following our March 17th  luncheon.  Remember the “Power of One” – every new member we bring in provides us the opportunity to increase and enhance our service programs.

Vivat Jesus,




OCTOBER 11, 2012 TO NOVEMBER 24, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI, in proclaiming this “Year of Faith”, called for a renewal of the Church through the witness offered by the lives of believers. The Knights of Columbus has responded to this by developing a “Year of Faith Program” and has asked each Council to participate in this effort.

The Order program is based on the four categories outlined by the Pope that are designed to lead each believer into a deeper relationship with Christ and his Church:

Council 15085 will participate actively in this worldwide effort through information in the Newsletter and discussion during each Council business meeting during the “For the Good of the Order” time. As GK Lonnie Pizza states in his article in this newsletter, “For Knights learning more about our faith allows us to better witness to Christ in our lives, our families, our charitable work and in all the efforts we undertake within our Council.”

But what is “FAITH?” Among the definitions for Faith in the dictionary is “belief in the traditional doctrines of a religion.” In our case it is the belief in the traditional doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church, specifically to believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ his only son and the Holy Spirit.

Our church teaches that FAITH is an entirely free gift that God makes to each one of us humans. Picture God holding his hand out to you, a hand holding a beautifully wrapped present. He wants you to take this Gift of Faith and believe in him and follow him. But you have a choice to make; to accept this gift or not to accept it. No one is forced to accept the gift of Faith against his will. Have you fully accepted this wonderful gift?

In our next newsletter we will look at the “Characteristics of Faith.”


Council Service Projects/Programs

“What so ever you do for the least of my brethren, you do it for me!  (God)

Help the Homeless: Council members are reminded of our ongoing project to help the homeless. We are still collecting soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc., so that we can donate these to the needy. Please bring any donations to our March Business Meeting. We appreciate the large number of items brought in at the February Council meeting. Keep them coming!!

Food for the Open Door: There is a continuing need at the Open Door to provide food boxes to those who qualify. Please continue to bring items to Mass on Sundays and put them in the baskets by the main door at St. John.

40 Days for Life

Baby Bottle Campaign Results: In support of “40 Days of Life“ our Council conducted a Baby Bottle Campaign. Success of this program enabled the Council to donate $1,400 to the Smokey Mountain Pregnancy Care Center, $200 to the Room at the Inn, $200 to the Church’s Respect Life Committee, $100 to support the Seminarians in the Washington DC March for Life, and $100 to the NC State Council Pro Life Fund.

Many thanks to all who filled up those bottles and to those Knights who help to make this an outstanding project. Special thanks to Chuck Simmons for coordinating this effort.