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From the Grand Knight

Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Happy Founder’s Day ~ March 29

Greetings & Salutations:
As Lent becomes The Holy Triduum, I will start by thanking all participants in our annual St. Patrick’s Day luncheon and all your sacrifices this season.  It appears to have been our best luncheon yet.  Our food drive was also a success with about a ton of food collected at Saint John’s and about 500 pounds from Immaculate Conception.  I am sure some bags will continue to trickle-in over the next week or so.  Bring it if you forgot it.
Stations of the Cross at St. John the Evangelist each Friday at 6 PM have been attended by approximately 30 persons and more at the 7:30 PM Spanish Stations.  We have been enjoying good food and fellowship between the two celebrations with a large Knights of Columbus presence.  Thank you to all that contributed through prayer and cooking.

We will be kicking off our Annual L.A.M.B. drive again at all Masses Easter Weekend.  If you are able to help after any or all of the Masses, please contact Brother Paul Viau ASAP by EMAIL  or at 828-550-1711

Brother Phil Webb has graciously volunteered to chair our State Raffle drive this year.  You should all be in receipt of your tickets by now.  Please sell them ASAP and return the money and ticket stubs to Phil no later than April 7.  Contact him if you need more tickets.  We are running out of time. Remember our Council benefits financially from the ticket sale.

We will be setting up our Council’s slate for 2015-16 officers at the April 7th Council meeting.  If you are interested in becoming an officer, moving up, or remaining in the office you hold contact myself or Brother Mark Zaffrann as soon as you can.  Please show up at the meeting to make your nominations.

It is my distinct pleasure to work with each of you.

Vivat Jesus,

N. Chris Amsler – Grand Knight.

Christopher Columbus – Faithful Christ Bearer

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

It’s good to know the real history the schools don’t teach anymore.



Parish Dinner ~ St. Patrick’s Day Feast

Sunday, March 15th, 2015