Cheerleaders from Haywood County earned honors…

Saturday, March 8th, 2014

Cheerleaders from Haywood County earned honors in the 2014 Special Olympics North Carolina Cheerleading tournament in Mocksville March 1st.
Haywood Special Olympics

More than 320 Special Olympics athletes from across the state participated, said Keith L. Fishburne, president of Special Olympics North Carolina. It was the first year to have a stand-alone, state-level cheerleading competition.






Participants trained for a minimum of two months at the local level before advancing to the state-level competition. The competition tested athletes in individual skills as well as team cheerleading.Cheer03











Special Olympics – Spring Games May 4, 2013

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

On Friday May 4, 2013 Special Olympians converged on the Waynesville Recreation Center. Knights of Columbus Smoky Mountain Assembly 3001 presented the colors.


Special Olympics Haywood County

SK Stan Finn (PGK), SK Chris Amsler, and SK Jim McGovern (Council 15085 Waynesville) and GK/SK Tony Minniti (Council 12478 Maggie Valley) serve as the Honor Guard in support of the Haywood County Special Olympics games.
All four are also members of Assembly 3001


Honor Guard Smoky Mountain Assembly 3001

The Honor Guard leads the parade of “Special Olympians”

Knights Council 15085 Members

Council members GK Lonnie Pizza, SK Chuck Luce, SK Chris Amsler,
SK Stan Finn (PGK), and Brother Chuck Simmons support the Special Olympics games.

SK Jim McGovern

SK Jim McGovern volunteers to assist the Special Olympians.

SK Stan Finn

SK Stan Finn (PGK) assists the Special Olympians at the Haywood County games

Christopher Amsler - Special Olympics Haywood 2013

Christopher Amsler – Special Olympics Haywood 2013 track event

Christopher Amsler 2013 Special Olympics Haywood

Medalist Christopher Amsler

LAMB Inspires

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Here’s 3-min of LOVE. We LOVE this! Tim Harris owns his own restaurant — where hugs are on the menu! The sign says, “Tim’s Place: Breakfast, lunch and hugs!”

Tim has Down Syndrome — and is, we are told, the only restaurant owner with Down Syndrome. Greeting guests at the door with a hug — you can see the joy he gets from serving people food — and from giving a little bit of love!

As Tim says, “We serve breakfast lunch and hugs: hugs are the best part!” The Albuquerque restaurant calls itself “the world’s friendliest restaurant!”

Owning a restaurant has been a lifetime dream: “When he was 14 years old, he said he wanted to own a restaurant.” Tim sums up his philosophy of being a restauranteur — and life: “Food is food. I give them a hug and then they all feel better!”

You can check out Tim’s Place website:

Special Olympians Honored

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012
Special Olympics

(L-R) Special Olympics Coach Jim McGovern, LAMB Director N. Chris Amsler Sr., Special Olympian N. Chris Amsler II, Haywood County Special Olympics Director Jim Gatens, and Grand Knight Lonnie Pizza.

At the recent, Annual Special Olympics Athlete and Major Benefactors luncheon, N. Chris Amsler II steals the spotlight, and the plaque, presented by HCSO Director Jim Gatens to Knights of Columbus Council 15085.  For the second year in a row LAMB Drive efforts have allowed contributions to the Special Olympics of Haywood County, and the ARC of Haywood at this luncheon.  The Funds prove vital in assisting with the continuation of needed social, exercise, and assisted living venues for the developmentally disabled members of Haywood County.  Additional funds collected during the 2012 LAMB drive will be contributed to Camp Ability and Waynesville Middle School Exceptional Children Department in the coming weeks as well.

The annual LAMB drive effort is the Knights of Columbus’ largest Charity operation. LAMB is an acronym for Least Among My Brethren. This comes from the words of Jesus in Matthew 25: 31-40 when Jesus speaks of our final judgment. To paraphrase, Jesus states the righteous will be welcomed into his kingdom because they fed, clothed, welcomed, and visited him in prison when he was a stranger. When questioned as to when they did these things, Jesus replied, What you have done for the Least Among my Brethren, you have done also for me.

Special Olympics

(L-R) LAMB Director N. Chris Amsler Sr., Special Olympian N. Chris Amsler II, Haywood County Special Olympics Director Jim Gatens