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 People of the Year


John LaFata Jeff Schandevel

John LaFata

Knight of the Year 2014

Jeff Schandevel

Rookie of the Year 2014

Chuck Luce Chuck and Dot Luce

Chuck Luce

Golden Knight of the Year 2014

Chuck & Dot Luce

Family of the Year 2014
~Presented by DGK Chris Amsler(L)~


Knight of the Month


March, 2014 Mark DeMarco
February, 2014 John LaFata
January, 2014 Jeff Schandevel
December, 2013 Chuck Simmons KOMChuck Simmons
November, 2013 Chuck Luce KOMChuck Luce
October, 2013 Sam Edwards
September, 2013 Gary Lepak, Jr
August, 2013 Tom Ladet, Jr
July, 2013 Mark Zaffrann
June, 2013 James McGovern
May, 2013 Sam Mattoni
April, 2013 Victor Valuja
March, 2013 Mark DeMarco
February, 2013 Frank Burda
January, 2013 Greg Brom
December, 2012 Mark Zaffrann
November, 2012 Elmo Downing
October, 2012 Chris Amsler
September, 2012 Chuck Simmons
August, 2012 Stan Finn
July, 2012 Dennis O’Connell
June, 2012 Chuck Luce
May, 2012 Chuck Simmons
April, 2012 John LaFata
February, 2012 Frank Burda
January, 2012 Greg Brom
December, 2011 Dennis O’Connell
November, 2011 Lonnie Pizza
October, 2011 Dennis O’Connell
August, 2011 Chris Amsler
June, 2011 Jim McGovern
May, 2011 Chuck Simmons
April, 2011 Mark DeMarco

Family of the Month


March, 2014 Jim and Karen McGovern
February, 2014 Chuck and Dot Luce
January, 2014 Stan and Mary Finn
December, 2013 Javier






Javier and Aquilina Ramirez

November, 2013 Tony and Gloria Minniti
October, 2013 Steve and Karen Thole
September, 2013 Bob and Sue Mateja
August, 2013 Mark and Jessica DeMarco
July, 2013 Gary and Lynn Lepak
June, 2013 Sam and Helen Ann Mattoni
May, 2013 Art and Amy Huber
April, 2013 Tom and Julia Ladet
March, 2013 Joe and Mary Anne Yurko
February, 2013 Fred and Norma Waring
January, 2013 Chuck and Ann Simmons
December, 2012 Frank and Jan Burda
November, 2012 Jim and Karen McGovern
October, 2012 John and Margaret LaFata
September, 2012 Chris and Alma Amsler
August, 2012 Stan and Mary Finn
July, 2012 Chuck and Dot Luce
June, 2012 Jerry and Rosa Hoffart
May, 2012 Lonnie and Irene Pizza
April, 2012 Frank and Jan Burda
January, 2012 Victor and Isable Valuja
December, 2011 Steve and Karen Thole
November, 2011 Art and Amy Huber
September, 2011 Chuck and Ann Simmons
July, 2011 Chris and Alma Amsler
May, 2011 John and Margaret LaFata
February, 2011 Chuck and Dot Luce


Previous Honorees


Chris Amsler

Chris Amsler

Knight of the Year 2013

Sam Edwards

Sam Edwards

Rookie of the Year 2013

Dennis Oconnell

Dennis O’Connell

Golden Knight of the Year 2013


John & Margaret LaFata

Family of the Year 2013