Worthy Grand Knight’s Message – April

What a great couple of weeks.  First we welcomed 10 new members to our Order and Council.  Thanks to all those Council members who made this happen, and to all those who helped and supported the Welcome Reception.  And “kudos” to our 1st Degree Team Members for their superb performance.  And special thanks to the ladies for their help with the reception and support of the families of our new members.

Council 15085 1st Degree Ceremony held March 24, 2013 welcomed 10 new members to our Order and Council. Pictured are: Sergio Rubio, Jesus Garcia, Jose Juan Matias, Refugio Castillo, Yanel Galindo, Jose Reyes, Ramon Pina, Efrain Chub, Javier Ramirez, Victor Tienda

Our LAMB “kick off” was extremely successful.  Thanks to all those Council members who participated, and special thanks to Chris for coordinating this event.  Our Council was well represented at the 2nd/3rd Degree exemplifications in Brevard (please see below). Thanks to those who served as observers Stan, Art and Gary; and special thanks to Dennis for his service as part of the 2nd Degree Team.  We sponsored the reception following the Diving Mercy Sunday Service, and our “Knights Night Out” at Maria’s was an extremely enjoyable event of food, fun, and fellowship.  Thanks to Sam Mattoni for coordinating this for us.

And our spaghetti luncheon this month exceeded all expectations.  Thanks to all those Council members who helped make this happen (and there was many of you).  And special thanks to Mark DeMarco for providing us with another fantastic meal and to Sam Mattoni for volunteering to provide the music.  Many of the attendees commented to me how much they enjoyed the event.

Our project to help the needy and homeless was very well received.  We made our donation of soap, shampoo, and tooth paste/brushes to Haywood Christian Ministries (HCM) and our project did fill a void in helping the needy and homeless.   The tour of HCM was enlightening; they do some really great work there in helping those in need.  Our hope is for us to continue our project and help those in need.

“Congrats and kudos” to the new organist at Immaculate Conception – our very own Sam Edwards.  Sam really did a great job at Mass.

And finally, I would again just like to say how much I appreciate all your help and support.  The good work that our Council is able to do is only possible because of your unselfish and dedicated efforts.  Again, greatly appreciate all that our Council members do for Council.

Vivat Jesus,



Just a reminder that Supreme has announced a new membership program.  From now through the end of June, those Council members who sponsor a new member to our Order will be entered into a drawing where the winner will receive a trip to Rome for both he and his spouse.

From our Council perspective, we have done a great job with recruitment this year.  Would like to ask that we not curtail our efforts but try and support the overall membership goals of Supreme and State.  It would be great if we could hold one more 1st Degree Exemplification prior to 30 June.

CEREMONIALS: On April 6 eight Council members completed their 3rd Degree exemplification. Congratulations to Sam Edwards, Danny Pelletier, Victor Tienda, Jose Matias, Efrain Chub, Javier Ramirez, Jesus Garica, and Fred Waring.

Our Council has recognized the need to develop a 2nd Degree Team for our Council. We need volunteers for the team. Please contact Dennis O’Connell at 507-4822 if you are interested in helping.


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